Motorcycle Injury

  •  $1.25 million | For an individual who was injured in a motorcycle incident involving a cable fence. There was alleged drug use on part of motorcycle driver, claim of trespassing and paraplegic injury; mediated settlement.
  • $660,000 |For an individual motorcyclist who lost control of his bike while trying to swerve to avoid a pick-up truck. There was no actual impact, but the rider sustained leg, ankle and wrist fractures. Liability in this case was hotly contested and was settled with mediation. 
  • $350,000 | For a motorcyclist involved in a low-speed collision in a residential area. The individual sustained leg fractures.
  • $300,000 | Motorcyclist in residential area collided with a pickup truck backing out of driveway. In addition to the settlement we negotiated waiver of $85,000 ERISA plan lien.