Medical Malpractice 

  • $1.25 million | For a woman who suffered severe brain injury through the negligence of a dental hygienist.
  • $700,000 | For a woman who suffered severe complications from a failed thyroid surgery.
  • $600,000 | Allegations of failure to recognize spinal fracture causing paraplegia; mediated settlement. 
  • $325,000 | For a woman misdiagnosed and submitted to an abdominal hysterectomy for cervical cancer she never had.
  • $325,000 | For a young man who was given an overdose of morphine by nursing staff. 
  • $125,000 | For a woman who was misdiagnosed and underwent lumbar spine surgery which she did not need. 
  • $125,000 | For a man who sustained nerve root injury as a result of a failed cervical discectomy.