Quick trip to Grandview. It was a hot day in the valley. #lawyering ... See MoreSee Less

Quick trip to Grandview. It was a hot day in the valley. #lawyering

Happy Friday!

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A recent client review of our Attorney Alex Johnson. It is humbling to hear client appreciation of our work.

5.0 stars
Posted by Dave
April 12, 2017

So I first contacted Alex once I got bailed out of jail. I came across him when I looked up DUI lawyers in central Washington. He had good reviews so he was the first I met with and only one to meet with after my consultation. Alex made me feel comfortable and assured me he would do his best for me. I had never broken a law before and a stupid mistake led me to being charged with a DUI, Criminal Trespass in the 2nd Degree, and a firearms violation. The officer who arrested me was on a power trip and violated some procedures which Alex used to his advantage. After a 6 month "summary probation" period, I was back at the Sunnyside municipal court. The prosecutor wanted me to face 6 days in jail, forfeiture of my firearm, and a while bunch of alcohol classes. Alex Johnson reassured me none of this would happen and he delivered! I had my DUI charge dropped to a negligent driving in the 2nd degree with a fine of 500$ and a dismissal of the trespass and the firearms violation, not to mention I got my firearm back! So I'm pretty darn happy with the outcome.

On another note, Alex Johnson's fee is high, but you pay for what you get, money talks people! And he provided quality work, as well as his assistants Vikki and Katie I believe her name is, and also Wendy was always there to take my messages. Alex is willing to work with you as far a payment plan.

If you are reading this and thinking about getting a DUI lawyer, I would recommend Alex 10/10 times. Also, if you are reading this, it is probably too late to say DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE. It's an expensive mistake and I will not be doing this again. Keep your head up! With Alex on your side you will prevail. ... See MoreSee Less

Johnson and Johnson Law shared VICELAND's video.

I-502 was passed in 2012 legalizing recreational marijuana. The drafters knew they would receive blow back regarding concerns for an increase in marijuana based DUIs. To address such concerns, they amended the DUIs laws to impose a strict 5 ng of active TCH blood level similar to the .08 blood alcohol level. From its inception, there has been skepticism about the lack of scientific support for imposing a strict marijuana blood level for DUI prosecutions.

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Are the methods used to bust "stoned" drivers actually accurate? We investigate, this week on WEEDIQUETTE. Wednesday 10pm.

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